NEW Ego 7 Lyra Half Chaps (previous model)

NEW Ego 7 Lyra Half Chaps (previous model)

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Designed by Tucci, Ego7’s “mini-chaps” offer high-quality design and craftsmanship at a more affordable price. Crafted from Ego7’s highly durable E-tex leather and featuring the same sturdy zipper used in Tucci’s higher-end boot line. Note that this model is a slightly older version of the most current “Lyra” model.

Sizing information for available stock:

XS+: Calf: 11-12:; Height: 18.5”

S-: Calf: 12-13.5”; Height 16.5”

M-: Calf: 13.5-14.5”; Height: 16.5”

M++: Calf: 13.5-14.5”; Height: 20”

XL: Calf: 16-17”; Height: 17.5”

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