Clean Out Your Tack Box.

Make Hay.

Our consignment kits make selling your saddle, tack and riding apparel a snap.

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We make selling your equestrian tack and apparel easy. Simply fill out the form to the right and indicate whether you’d like a SaddleShip kit, a Clean-Out kit, or both!

  • The “Clean-Out Kit” includes a mailer bag equipped with a pre-paid shipping label. Simply fill your bag with items that meet our brand and quality guidelines and drop it off at your local USPS. We inspect your items and follow up with a consignment offer. If you would prefer to ship your items in your own packaging, we’ll happily send you a PDF label that you can print at home.

    • Clean-Out Kit Guidelines:

      • We only accept items listed on our Approved Brand page.

      • We do NOT accept used blankets, halters, brushes, helmets, gloves, spurs, shirts with rat-catchers or tall boots without zippers.

      • Items must be clean, current (less than five years old) and in excellent condition.

      • Items that do not meet our brand and quality guidelines will be returned at the Seller’s expense or donated to an equestrian charity of our choice. (We currently work with Grand Traverse regional 4H clubs, but are always open to learning about other charities that might be interested in gently used riding tack and apparel!)

      • Unsure of whether your item meets our guidelines? Don’t risk the return shipping! Simply email us with photos and we’ll let you know.

  • SaddleShip Kit: Ship your saddle to us for free using our SaddleShip kit. Simply request the kit using the form to the right. We’ll follow up with a few additional questions to ensure your saddle meets our brand and condition guidelines. Assuming it checks the boxes, we’ll ship the kit to you for free along with a pre-paid shipping label. Place your saddle in the kit, tape it shut and drop it off at your local UPS location. We’ll inspect your saddle and contact you regarding pricing.

    • Important Saddle Guidelines:

      • We only accept saddles that are less than ten years old.

      • We accept the following saddle brands: Albion, Amerigo, Antares, Bates, Black Country, Bruno Delgrange, Butet, Childeric, County, Custom Saddlery, CWD, Devoucoux, Hermes, PJ, Schleese, Tad Coffin, Voltaire.

      • We do not accept saddles with broken trees, bent stirrup irons, or leather that is excessively worn or damaged.

      • Saddles that do not meet our brand and quality guidelines will be returned at the Seller’s expense or donated two an equestrian charity or leather recycling partner.

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