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Give your products a second life and get paid in the process.

The TackHack makes consigning your items a snap. From hunt coats to horse boots, clean out your tack box and earn up to 80% commission on your gently loved equestrian goods.

Here’s How it Works

Ship your goods to us for free using
The TackHack Consignment Kits.

Our kits arrive with everything you’ll need to get your items to us, including a prepaid return label. Once we receive your package, we’ll appraise each item and email you with a consignment offer.

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Step 1:

Order A Kit

and pack it with items that meet our brand and condition guidelines. Get started now and request your kit.

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Step 2:

Mail It In

Your kit comes with a pre-paid return label, so your goods ship to us for free. Simply place your items in the provided bag, add the label, and drop it off at your local USPS.

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Step 3:

Get An Offer

We’ll review your items and email you a consignment offer for accepted goods. Unaccepted goods can be returned at your expense or donated to The Rider’s Closet.

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Step 4:

Make Hay

We price, photograph and market your items and pay you when they sell!

Consigning a saddle?

Ship it with confidence.

Our free SaddleShip™ system is uniquely designed to ensure your saddle is perfectly protected during transit. Plus, our system cuts out the need for excessive packaging waste.

Our Kit arrives with a prepaid shipping label. Once we receive your saddle, we’ll email you with your consignment offer and take care of the rest.

Request Your Free Kit

You have high standards, and so do we.

The TackHack only accepts items from these top name brands.

View Accepted Brands

What we will accept:

  • Items that are in like-new or excellent condition

Please make sure:

  • Fabric goods are freshly laundered or dry-cleaned
  • Leather goods are freshly cleaned or polished
  • Saddles are jumping, dressage or eventing saddles manufactured in the past ten years

What we won’t accept:

  • Items with dirt, stains, rips, tears, scratches, monogramming, pilling or excessive wear
  • Items with excessive horse hair or smells
  • Saddles with broken or crooked trees, deep scratches, cracked leather, loose stitching or bent stirrup bars.
  • Used helmets, horse blankets, halters, brushes, gloves or spurs.
  • Dated items, including apparel that is older than five years, non-washable hunt coats, boots without zippers, and shirts with ratcatcher collars

Before You Ship to Us

Please note that unaccepted items will be returned at the seller’s expense or donated, so be sure to contact us with any questions before you pack your kit. We’re here to help!

Contact Us

What Are You Waiting For?

Select the Kit You Would Like to Request

Consignment Kit

For all tack and apparel
excluding saddles

Saddleship Kit

For safely shipping
your prix-loved saddles.

Both Please

Clean house and
make hay!

Let's Talk Commissions

The TackHack Consignment Rates

Annual Net salesYour Commission Rate
All items that sell for <$20050%
Annual net sales of <$5,00060%
Annual net sales of $5,001–$10,00070%
Annual net sales of $10,000+80%
Saddle CommissionsMinimum 70%

The Bottom Line

The more you consign with The TackHack, the more you earn.

Highlights from our Consignment Terms

  • Accepted Items + Quality Requirements:We only accept items that meet our accepted brand and quality guidelines. Unaccepted items will be returned at the consignor’s expense or donated to a charity of The TackHack’s choice.
  • Risk of Loss + Insurance:We carry insurance and take responsibility for your items once they are in our possession. If your item is lost, damaged or stolen while in our possession, we will treat it as “sold” and pay you a commission rate based on the item’s estimated selling price.
  • Consignment Period + Return of Property:The consignment period for an item starts on the date The TackHack accepts an item for consignment and ends one year later. We will happily return your unsold items to you at any time, however please note that we will charge a $15 processing fee to return any non-saddle item and a $70 processing fee for any saddle that has been in our possession for less than 90 days.
  • Pricing:The TackHack will determine the initial selling price for each item and maintains the right to apply or offer additional discounts and promotions during the consignment period without providing notice as a means to efficiently market and sell the items.
  • Commission Rates:The TackHack uses a sliding commission fee scale. The more items you sell through The TackHack during a 365-day consignment period, the higher your commission rate will be during the following year’s commission period. Please refer to our commission chart for more information.
  • Payments: Payments are made once per month via check and include any and all earnings from the previous month’s commission period.
  • For further information please see our complete Consignment Terms & Conditions.

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