Earn up to 80% commission on your equestrian goods.

Whether you want to sell a hunt coat or a saddle, we make consigning items that meet our brand and quality guidelines a snap. Simply request one of our clean-out kits, pack your goods, and drop them in the mail.

Your goods ship to us for free using one of our pre-paid shipping labels. Once we receive your package, we’ll inspect and appraise each item. We then email you regarding which items we would like to accept and sell on your behalf, and which items we respectfully decline. You can expect to receive your offer email within two weeks of your package’s arrival.

Prefer to pack your goods inside of your own box? No problem.

Not everyone feels comfortable shipping their items in a bag, and that’s okay! We’re happy to email you a free PDF shipping label so that you can package and ship your goods in a box of your choice.

SaddleShip: Ship your saddle with confidence.

We’re excited to offer SaddleShip, our unique saddle shipping system.

Do you cringe at the idea of tossing a $2,000+ saddle into a cardboard box with some bubble wrap? Us too. That’s why we worked with a packaging engineer to develop our SaddleShip kit, which comes with everything you need to confidently ship your saddle to us — for free.

Simply request your SaddleShip kit from our Kit Request page. We’ll follow up via email with a few questions about the brand and model of your saddle. Assuming the saddle meets our guidelines, we’ll send you the kit and all the fixings. Simply package your saddle according to the instructions and drop off at your local USPS.

Our Commission Rates

Saddles: Sellers earn no less than 70% on every saddle consigned with us, and can earn up to 85% depending on their cumulative selling history.

Items Under $200: The TackHack takes a flat 50% commission on all items that sell for less than $200. This is to cover the cost of photographing, cataloging and marketing your items.

Items Over $200: Our new Sellers begin with a 60% commission rate for items that sell for over $200, meaning our Sellers earn 60% and The TackHack earns 40%. However, Sellers have the opportunity to earn a much higher commission rate.

We’ve structured our commission rates to reward our best sellers: the more items you sell through The TackHack during a 365-dayl consignment period, the higher your commission rate will be during the following year’s commission period.


Let’s say you send your first items to The TackHack and that we notify you that we have accepted these items on November 1, 2018. Between November 1, 2018 and October 31, 2019, you subsequently sell a $3,000 saddle, a $2,000 saddle, and a $400 hunt coat, thus generating $5,400 in total net sales for that year. Starting on November 1, 2019, your commission rate will increase and you will be eligible to earn a 70% commission rate on all items that sell for over $200.

More details can be found in our Consignment Terms & Conditions. We’re also more than happy to answer any questions related to our commission structure!

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Our Consignment Terms

The following is a brief “highlight tour” of our consignment terms. We require all of our Sellers to agree to our Consignment Terms as part of using our service. Please see our complete Consignment Terms & Conditions for greater detail.

  • Accepted Items + Quality Requirements: We only accept items listed on our Approved Brand List . Further, we only accept items that are in excellent, like-new condition. Fabric goods must be freshly laundered or dry-cleaned, and leather goods must be freshly cleaned or polished. Items with stains, rips, tears or that show signs of excessive wear will not be accepted.

  • Saddle Guidelines: We only accept close contact, dressage and eventing saddles listed on our accepted brands list and that have been manufactured in the past ten years. We will not accept saddles with broken trees, rips, stains, tears, loose stitching or bent stirrup bars. Saddles that are in less than excellent condition will be returned at the sellers expense.

  • Unaccepted items: We will not accept items that are altered, damaged or heavily worn. Further, we will not accept items with dirt, mud, tears, stains, rips, pilling, scratches, excessive horse hair or smells.

    • Please note that unaccepted items will be returned AT THE SELLER’S EXPENSE. If you are unsure of whether your item meets our quality standards, please feel free to email us photos of your item at and we will be happy to advise you.

    • We do NOT accept used helmets, horse blankets, halters, brushes, tall boots without zippers, gloves or spurs.

  • Risk of Loss + Insurance: We carry full insurance and take responsibility for your items once they are in our possession. If your item is lost, damaged or stolen while in our possession, we will treat it as “sold” and pay you a commission rate based on the item’s estimated selling price.

  • Consignment Period + Return of Property: The consignment period for an item starts on the date The TackHack accepts an item for consignment and ends one year later. We will happily return your unsold items to you at any time, however please note that we will charge a $15 processing fee to return any item that has been in our possession for less than 90 days.

  • Pricing: The TackHack will determine the initial selling price for each item and maintains the right to apply or offer additional discounts and promotions during the consignment period without providing you notice as a means to efficiently market and sell the items.